My roommate is a weirdo!

As some of you may know, I recently moved to the Netherlands for college. I came to a city in the southern part of the country, known as Maastricht.

Now I already knew that the “student” life wasn’t really for me, I didn’t want to live with twelve other people sharing one bathroom and one kitchen. Something about coming home and finding out all my groceries disappeared but no one will fess up to who did it, just didn’t seem to appeal to me. Picking out random people’s hair from the bathroom drain wasn’t really “living the dream” for me. So at some point I just decided “what the heck! I’ll move in with my sister!” even though my mother kept saying “that’s a horrible idea, Kamla”

Now I knew living with my sister would have it’s challenges, but what could go wrong? Right? Apparently a lot. A lot can go wrong. Finding a two bedroom apartment in a decent price range has proven much harder than we ever expected. And what was worse was that I couldn’t be there for any of the viewings and had to just trust my sisters judgement. Which usually I’m pretty okay with, except for this was going to be my new living space for the next year and even though I’m okay with a small space, I did’t want something as small as what my sister wanted.

We did however manage to get a place and to be fair, I would say I’m a pretty spoiled first year student. I have a beautiful two bedroom apartment in the city centre with a full kitchen, living room and an awesome balcony. I have what most students don’t even need or want. I often forget that some of my classmates don’t have a living room at all. Or that sharing a bathroom with just one person, let alone your sister, is a real blessing.

Living with my sister, nothing has really changed compared to living with my mom. I still do my own laundry, I still cook, we still have chores around the house and I’d like to think we keep things pretty tidy in this apartment. Every now and then dishes pile up in the sink, or lime builds around the faucet, but then we just set a date that we’ll clean everything together. We usually do just about everything together, like groceries and recycling. It just works for us.

My sister and I are very close, and we’ve reached a point that we joke about making other people uncomfortable because we are so much alike. We are the type of sisters that cuddle on the sofa, and sometimes we hang out on my bed, or we do each others hair. We are the oh so loving sisters you see in movies. Except we’re weirder. We both have our own rooms, but we still sleep together in the same bed. We just do it because we like it.

Now don’t get me wrong, we do sometimes get annoyed with each other, or we want some space apart, but we also have our own rooms and our own schedules with work and school. And sometimes after complaining about how I need time alone, I’ll only last 10 minutes before I come crawling back to her.

Our apartment is a very homey place, it’s filled with plants that all have a name and candles that smell like mangos or pine trees and we have loads of pillows and blankets. We have twinkle lights in our living room and cute window drawings. Both our windowsills are filled with vine plants and succulents and it just feels like home. I’m always so happy to come back to this place at the end of the day. Nothing feels better than climbing into my bed, or even my sisters bed, and looking out the window while I doze off.

Living with my sister has been a trip. We’ve grown so much closer that now I’m genuinely worried for us. We’ve started sharing bras. How weird is that? And we share all of our clothes as well. It’s great, it really is. But Nagila is a quirky one and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

With love, Kamla.


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