Dear seatmate

I think in this final week on the island it has finally kicked in that I am actually leaving. And I’m not sad about leaving but I’m anxious about the flight and who I’ll have to sit with for 10 hours.

I don’t do too well with big changes and new people.
So here’s a letter to my seatmate.

Dear seatmate,

My name is Kamla and I’m probably the most anxious person you’ll ever meet.
During this flight I’ll be taking all different types of medication and drops to help with my anxiety, so please don’t look at me in any weird way.
I’m going to offer you some gum at the beginning of the flight, that’s me trying to be nice, so accept my gum even if you have your own.
If I feel comfortable with you, I might invite you to play a game of Uno with me. And yes, I keep a deck in my backpack.
If I don’t feel comfortable with you I would probably just keep my headphones in for the whole flight. Even when my Ipod dies.
You may see me writing on my blog during this flight, but please pretend you didn’t notice.
I’m also going to be doing face masks on the flight. They’re my face masks and no, I will not give you one.

All love and trembles,
Your weirdo seatmate.

I hope whoever travels with us reads this, and I hope whoever sits next to me understands.

I know it’s not likely that this very specific post will be read by that very specific person, but a girl can dream. Right?
Anyways for now all I can do is more breathing exercises and lots of tea and coffee to keep my soul happy.

With love and anxiety, Kamla.


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