I hate how people say anxiety isn’t a big deal. You have no idea what I’m feeling when I have an anxiety attack. Trying to breathe in itself is a challenge.

If I tell you I’m anxious, know that I am trying my best to stay where ever it is that we’re at.

I’ve been trying to keep it together now for months, and all I can do is stare with a blank face and feel absolutely numb on the inside. When I do react, it’s usually a breakdown followed by tears.

Anxiety has not become a part of me, it’s become everything I know. I wake up every morning wondering how bad it’ll be today. And even on my off days, I’ll stay in my room locked up because I’m too paranoid to go outside.

There is no one there who can help. You’re in this alone. But the good news is, the best person to understand your situation, is you. I’ve found that though I can’t fully remove myself from the situation to calm down, I can always find a way to question myself, and take a step back to just breathe.


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