Where have I been?

Where have I been you ask? All I do is study, work and sleep.

Honestly, I think it’s pathetic to go out instead of staying home and study.

I guess my priorities are different. And I choose to believe they are the best thing for me right now.

I don’t think that “saturday turn up” will help me create the career I would actually want, so I should really just put shit on hold and work on this diploma.

This also caused a little bit of an issue between me and my friends. They want to go out and party, and I’m just not up for that.

I’m tired of being judged for choosing my education over a social life though. I just want to do my thing, finish my school, and be out. I don’t want to hear your opinion on how much of a grandma I am, or how lame I am, and I especially don’t want to hear your opinion on “everyone needs a break”. I’ll decide for myself when the break is needed and how long it will be and what I will do during this break, but for now I’m going to push it, and if I have to I’ll push you out of my way.

Unfortunately this also means I’ve put Managing Pessimism on the back burner until I’m out for summer vacation. This blog is very time consuming and I just can’t afford to spend time blogging when I should be studying.

My apologies, but not really, Kamla.


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