Working g’all

I happen to be a tour guide at a farm, more specifically a butterfly farm on my island. My job is unconventional but it’s gr8. (I love doing that “gr8” thing) My job is also really tough. I work 8 hours and out of those 8 hours I’m standing for at least 6 hours. I don’t just give tours though. Our official title is “tour guide“, but our job description includes; tours, gardening, sales, and a whole lot more.

I have about 14 co-workers but I’m closest with Marco. I think Marco and I struggle with a lot of things, but none of the same problems.We lead very different lives, even his life at 20 was very different from mine, he’s older now, I’m not sure how old though. He’s married with kids, and I’m married to my education.  As for my other co-workers, I appreciate their presence and teamwork (most of the times).

On a regular day I show up at 8 AM, I rake the garden, I rake up front, I’ll do between 4 to 6 tours, I’ll feed the caterpillars I was assigned to, do some chores and then I’ll be on my way at 4 PM.

I think the funniest moment at work was when I got my shoe caught up on a door and it ripped my shoe open, and I tripped, falling flat on my face on the ground.

I think a bad day at work was when I had two friends hurting because of a passing of a loved one, and I couldn’t do anything to help them, and for a few days I was already crying about it, and I tried to keep it together at work, but eventually got sent home for not being happy enough.

My job has a few specific requirements. First of all, languages are very important. If you’re not multilingual, FORGET ABOUT IT. You also have to be very happy and cheerful, all of which I’m not, if you guys couldn’t tell already. But a tour is a performance, and I’m only acting. I’m acting as if my life is wonderful, and I don’t have any problems, and that I’m oh-so excited to tell them about the butterflies. Don’t get me wrong, they are fascinating animals with amazing quirks, but I’m just not excited to explain the same process to the same person about 4 times. My job also requires us to be very physically active. Which I am also not. I hate working out. But I hate office jobs even more, so I tend to help out with heavy lifting jobs that the other girls, and some guys, can’t do.

I think my attitude is a little more out there than the rest of my co-workers. I tend to answer back, and be a little more bossy than I probably am allowed to be. But I like getting shit done, it’s always been my way, and there is no highway option.

Keepin’ it onehunnet, Kamla.


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