Making changes

Honestly guys, I’m sick and tired of everyone giving me excuses why they won’t do this or that. Whether it’s excuses not to date someone, or not to hang out, not to go to a party, whatever it is, I am done. Until I realised, shit bruh, I’m one of these people. For a while now I made excuses why I shouldn’t work out; “It’s too late”, “I have a busy schedule”, “I already walk to the bus stop, that’s a work out”. But who was I kidding? I hated exercise. I still do. But I’m doing it.

This is how it all started, I woke up one morning angry at myself and went for a run. During this run I contemplated what exactly am I referring to when I say “too busy”? Because I mean I have 3 days off out of my week, I’m free on sunday evening as well. On thursday I start at 8.30 even though I’m already there at 7.30. So we’ve come to the conclusion I have plenty of spare time. Now I will say on days that I work, except Thursday and Sunday, it’s difficult to run, I wake up at 5.45, leave for work at 6.30, get there at 7.30 and start working at 8. After work, which is at 4 PM I have enough time to get from work to a food place and start school at 6 PM. I usually finish school at about 9 or 10 PM and then it’s straight home where I fall into a coma until the next morning.

On days I do run, it’s usually at 6.30 AM except on Sunday, which is usually at 5.30 PM after work. But running in the morning is actually a lot better for me than running in the late afternoon. I haaaate mornings so I take out my frustration on running, pushing myself as much as I can. I only run uphill and I started pretty much immediately with running instead of walking.

My longest distance was 5.1K so far, hopefully we can kick it up a notch over the next few weeks. I will say I never weighed myself before running and will not weigh myself during my process. Mostly because I don’t find a number defines me. My age never did and neither will my weight. When I find I look good and when I’m happy with my weight and food choices is when we’ve hit the goal. That also does not mean that I will stop when I hit that goal. I’ll just keep at it to maintain it.

We’ve discussed my exercise, now let’s talk food. If you know me, you know know I eat something every 0.049 seconds. I’m always snacking, not in a healthy way, and I’m always drinking something. I’ve changed my ways though. I’m still always eating and I’m constantly drinking but different things. I snack on healthier things, like mixed nuts, berries and my colleagues protein bar (Sorry Marco). I’m also drinking a lot of water, but that’s mainly because I work on a farm and you get dehydrated real quick. I’ve also cut out caffeine. A lot of people know me for the quantity of caffeine I take in. I’ll usually take in about 4 cups of coffee a day and an energy drink. So cutting out caffeine gave me some serious withdrawal symptoms. I was emotional, trembling, sweating, stuttering. It was a sight to behold. I think at that point I realised I have a serious problem and going cold turkey is probably not a good idea, I’ve just lessen my intake of  caffeine, I’ve had 3 coffees and 2 energy drinks this week which is a big difference compared to 28 cups of coffee a week and 7 energy drinks as well. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect, I’ll have cheat days, or cheat meals. During the week. I mean hey, this girl loves to snack, But I’ll try my hardest not to.

I guess all I’m trying to say is I’m done with excuses, especially my own.

Wishful thinking is overrated, wishful actions from Kamla.


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