Admitting your faults.

This month I patched up an old friendship. We were the type of friends that would always stop talking for no reason and then resume the friendship like nothing ever happened. We were also the type of friends that would also always have a really good time, whether it was at home, at school, at the hotel, we just knew how to get a party going. At some point during the friendship we took different paths, I chose school and she chose the party life. We were doing okay during that period, but we weren’t as close as we used to be. Some how, rumors got to us and sadly enough we believed them. We let them ruin the friendship and boy was I going for blood. I took to twitter, being very immature and very pissed off. I insulted as if it was my intention to let everyone know I am the reincarnation of satan. After insulting her, I went after her friends. I was going to take everyone down with me. After a few months I let it go, but I couldn’t get over losing that friendship. She was the only person that really understood my ways. After exactly a year, one night in june, I decided to message her and apologize. I waited a few hours, a few days, a few weeks, and no answer. I had accepted that that was the end. No more friendship. Then all of the sudden in August I get a message back. I’m filled with anxiety and excitement. I buckle over in bed and climb my way out, running into my sister’s room and we read it together. Together me and my sister wrote a reply. We said we would hang out one day, but I didn’t want it to turn into one of those summer sayings “we should hang” -never talks again-, you know? So I called her that night, me, my sister and a few other friends were gonna go have drinks at the beach, but she was already busy. So we made plans to sit down and talk for the next sunday. While driving I was extremely nervous. I managed to park (which never happens) and made my way to our meeting area. We talked at first about silly things and where we are at now. Afterwards we went to the park and got down to details. What was said between us is very private and none of you guys’ business. It was settled and we moved forward. After that school started, and we are now attending the same school and hang almost everyday while at the same time we are working on our friendships. We always had a deep connection so she went with me to my tattoo appointment. We also like to go out and eat, or stay in and eat. We just really like to eat. We are starting a few new adventures and because I have become an old grandmother she is being very patient and delicate with me. Which I appreciate. We went to ladies night and I got so wasted so she bought me fries. She later watched me smack every fry into my face as I tried to discover where my mouth is located on my face. All in all I’m glad I finally grew up and handled my shit the adult way. I’m also very thankful that she has forgiven me after I basically performed a Pentagram ritual in her name. I guess the moral of this story is, Don’t be a shit.

Trying to be less shitty, Kamla.


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