The sister sister reaction

Howdy folks, a tad bit of news, my sister arrived yesterday, so you can expect a ridiculously hilarious post.

Start by taking out your bible. Then light your candles. proceed by smacking dat ass.

Only kidding.

This is going to be a question and answer blog, starting with three general questions, followed by one Kamla to Nagila question and then one Nagila to Kamla question.

I guess the way it’s going to pan out is Purple is Nagila, and Teal is me, Kamla.

What didn’t you expect to miss that you actually do miss about your sister?

How we can make fun of literally anything and everything; today we made endless jokes about telling time. I’m not even kidding. Yesterday’s joke was ‘aceite’ (which means oil in spanish). Needless to say I expect to have abs by the time I go back.

I actually really like watching my sister sleep. For some reason it’s the most relaxing thing ever. It’s confirmation she’s here and she’s hanging around for a while. Even this morning as I was getting ready for work I just watched her sleep for about ten minutes before closing her door to turn on the kitchen light. I also realised I don’t really laugh when she’s not around. I’m always really serious and taking things as best as I can. But when she’s around the energy is much lighter and it’s great to know that she’s taking part of the responsibility and that it’s not all on my shoulders. I can breathe.

What do you expect out of this time together?

First and foremost a lot of hilarity. We talk pretty often via text and the stuff she talks about is hilarious but since the last time we hung out for long periods of time she wasn’t as hilariously responsible as she is now. If she’s not as funny as her emails/messages I’ll be very disappointed. But mostly I just expect to feel better emotionally by being with family.

I mean, lots of laughs would be great, haha, but some quality emotional talk is nice, i don’t mean crying and all that, but my sister is the only person i can be truly vulnerable with and she won’t be quick to judge. I also expect some great pics.

What’s the funniest thing that has already happened?

I really can’t tell to be honest. We’ve already had so many laughs about seemingly meaningless things like talking about adopting pets that already belong to someone else, which technically means kidnapping but we’ll probably be doing them a favour anyway so who cares. OH actually now that I think of it we visited our niece today and her grandma asked all worried where she was and my sister’s answer (without any hint of being alarmed) was “I saw her a while ago so she should be fine”. I hope she doesn’t have kids soon, mainly also because she was making jokes about choking her with milk. Just saying.

For some reason I keep mixing up my words, so I’ll say “The work at joke is” instead of “The joke at work is” and that in itself makes for a funny joke. I’m also really keen on religious jokes. I refer to jesus much more than i should, especially as an atheist. But that’s brought up a few funny jokes, especially when people don’t realise I’m joking.

Kamla’s question for Nagila;

What is the thing you are proudest your sister has accomplished? 

Not killing anyone as of yet. There are an incredible amount of stupid people on this island and unfortunately she has to go out into the world and deal with them on a daily basis. I’m not sure if she made it clear enough but she has BPD and it can be difficult sometimes to handle in itself, but she’s doing a marvellous job with it. Having your patience tested so often can be difficult for anyone with slightly above average intelligence, now just try to imagine having more than slightly above average intelligence combined with BPD. I’m proud of her being able to keep her cool as often as she does while still standing up for herself. 

Nagila’s question for Kamla;

What’s the biggest difference between you and your sister?

She’s an optimist. And I’m the ultimate pessimist. It’s just odd how positive she is, and I’m here like “waiting for satan to take my soul.” she’s always up for adventures and I HATE leaving my house, unless it’s for work of course. I think it’s the scariest when she says I have to make contact with people, I mean for heavens sake I like to watch her sleep, there’s nothing more anti social than that.

All of our answers were answered on a different notepad so we didn’t get to read each others answers until the next evening. I didn’t want to risk reading her answers while editing so what happened was, once we were done, we exchanged notepads and read them for the first time. There was a reaction that we also wrote down. Here they are!

Nagila’s reaction

there’s something slightly uneasy about knowing someone’s watching you sleep, even when it’s your little sister. My mom likes to tell ghost stories and here we sleep with our door open and each time I wake up to go to the bathroom or something I check if there are ghosts there before I leave the room. If I ever wake up and actually see something staring at me I’ll make her clean out all the shit from my bedsheets.

Regardless it’s nice to know that I make her feel less stressed in a way; my nonchalance/laid-backness oozes out to the people around me and that’s all I ever wanted in life. 

Kamla’s reaction

I feel my sister has this idea my niece is going to die in my care. Though I think my niece would only get sick. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? I just find it funny how we happen to describe the same situations. I feel in a lot of ways we are the same person but then again she’s completely different from me. It works for us. I’m surprised by her answer to my question for her, I never knew that that would have been her answer. I always assumed it was me not giving up on school or not having yet another car accident. Well.. not killing someone is what I sort of expected but I didn’t expect it to be because of BPD. All in all this just confirms how close we are, closer than I thought we were.

Hoping you loads of laughs, Kamla and Nagila!


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