The “Oh-So-Charming” guy.

Introducing, the one, the only, Gialdo!

Everlasting, infectious smile of Gialdo!

Gialdo happens to be my older brother. He’s 25 and is a website designer, or as e likes to call it user experience or user interface designer. I can never remember those words so I say hes a website designer and if I’m feeling particularly elaborate I will even say application designer. My brother lives and works in London and has done many projects, including taking part in assassin’s creed. I’m not really sure what that game is but whenever I mention it people seem to bow down to me as if I just told them my brother is the king. Before he got his official job title he went to school at Saxion University in Enschede and graduated in 2014.

Nagila and I at Gialdo's graduation.
Nagila and I at Gialdo’s graduation.

He has confessed he feels somewhat guilty of the lack of communication between the two of us. I find this completely absurd because we both work and are both very busy, not forgetting the time difference between the two of us (which is 5 hours). The only difference is, he’s successful in his career and I’m not. I’m very aware my brother loves me and I love him too. He worries a little too much but that just means he cares.

Nothing better than a big sister-sister hug for Gialdo.
Nothing better than a big sister-sister hug for Gialdo.

Now if you’re curious about his personality or his likes and dislikes, you dont have to wait anymore. My brother is very adventurous and travels a lot. He’s been to Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Bonaire, Curaçao, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, The States, Colombia, Poland and many more places I can not recall. His likes involve cooking, skateboarding  and photography.

Gialdo Photograpy; sunset in Spain
Gialdo Photograpy; sunset in Spain
Gialdo Photography; double exposure.

His dislikes includes the Netherlands, overpaying and tardiness. He even tried to surprise us once by coming home but my sister forgot him at the airport for two hours. Imagine his annoyance.

Gialdo walking home. (I'm kidding)
Gialdo walking home. (I’m kidding)

My brother is so often known as the responsible one out of all of us and that’s pretty understandable. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still silly, loving and caring. But he makes good money, he does what makes him happy and he’s serious about his future. He’s also very helpful and thoughtful. For example I’m going to be doing a project for school and he has agreed to go to Auschwitz with me. I think that’s when you say #Goals. Going to the concentration camp with my brother, having him support me at a place that is so emotionally draining and depressing, putting his own emotional health at risk to help me. That’s what a big brother does. They are there for support. And he’s great at it. Even if he thinks we’re lacking in communication. The great thing about my brother is that he’s not cocky, just confident, and I hope one day I’ll have as much confidence and be able to believe in myself as much as he believes in himself, and me.

The light is as bright as his mind.
“always ready to cheer anyone up” kind of guy.
Always there for his sisters.
Always there for his sisters.
The “Oh-So-Charming” gentleman.

So please, if you are in dire need of a website, feel free to contact the intelligent, curious, amazing, outstanding, Gialdo

I love him with all my heart and I miss him dearly.

Hugs and kisses, Kamla.


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